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রিএক্টর ফিজিক্স এন্ড ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিং ডিভিশন


The program of the division is to conduct R&D activities using modern methods for the computational analysis of nuclear reactors, with particular emphasis on reactor physics, design and safety. The division procures and implements computer codes related to reactor engineering and nuclear data processing.


  • Reactor Physics Study of Nuclear Reactors using Sophisticated Computer Codes.
  • Computational and Experimental Thermal Hydraulic Study of Nuclear Reactors.
  • Computational Attenuation Property Study of Materials for Development of Radiation Shielding Materials.
  • Measurement of Fatigue and Fracture of the Structural Components for Research Reactor.
  • Measurement of Stress and Vibration analysis of Pumps, Motors, Exi-check Valves and Primary Piping systems of TRIGA Research Reactor.
  • The ultimate objective of the division is to support the development of national infrastructure for nuclear power programs to meet up increasing demand of electricity in the country.

Research Activities:

The safe and efficient planning of nuclear reactor operation needs a wide spectrum of reactor engineering calculations. The activities of the division are conducted under the following research projects:

  • Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Data Processing
  • R&D activities include development of computational facility for reactor engineering and nuclear data processing calculation. The computer codes SRAC2006, WIMSD-5B, MCNP5 and MVP are in active use for the Neutronics calculations. MCNP5 along with Micro-Shield-5.0 are in use for shielding studies. Also RELAP5, EUREKA-2/RR and COOLOD-N2 have been successfully implemented for thermal hydraulics and transient analysis.
  • Neutronic Analysis
  • Core neutronics and in-core fuel management study is going on for safe operation and effective utilization of BAEC TRIGA Research Reactor.
  • Heat transfer and Thermal Hydraulics Studies of Nuclear Reactors
  • Research on thermal hydraulic safety analysis of 3 MW TRIGA MARK-II research reactor for both steady state and transient condition of the reactor is going on. Facilities will be developed to establish comparison between computational and experimental results and to study heat generation and heat removal system from the simulated reactor core.
  • Stress, Fracture and Vibration Analysis
  • Activities are concerned with the establishment of facilities for stress, fracture and vibration analysis of nuclear reactor system.
  • Radiation Shielding Technology
  • R&D works are going on to develop shielding materials, preparation of their databases and to provide shield design for different radiation installation in the country. Besides, Ph.D. and M.Sc. students are conducting their research work under supervision of the scientists of the division in collaboration with different national universities.


Through continuous effort, the division has achieved some fruitful results in different fields of reactor physics and related technology. The results obtained so far from the neutronics and thermal hydraulics studies for the TRIGA Mark-II research reactor have been incorporated in the Safety Analysis Report (SAR). Reconfigured core has been proposed for increased isotope production, as an important output of the research work. Two shielding materials namely, Ilmenite-Magnetite (I-M) concrete and Poly-Boron have been developed with locally available materials for gamma and neutron shielding respectively. The shield designs for the Brachytherapy Installation of Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Isotope Storage Pits of Industrial Radiotherapy, Decay Tank Room and Neutron Radiography Facility of TRIGA Reactor of BAEC have been provided. Several researchers of different universities have completed their Ph.D. and M.Sc. research from this laboratory. A number of scientific papers are published in the reputed local and international journals.